Ask the right questionsPlanning is the key to Success!  IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL.Process2

I have embraced this statement throughout the development of all my businesses. Plans help you think through your ideas, risks, costs, resource requirements and many other elements that will be required to build a business. Plans are plentiful online and there are some great resources and templates hat you can gain access to. What I am going to provide to you here is different from the plans you have or will come across. My plans are based on a ‘Project Plan’ that has been built using Microsoft’s Project Management software.  My plans are created like this so that I can see an overarching view of what it will take to build out my business. It is a framework and must be adapted each time based on the specific needs of an idea. My project plans however provide enough details that it will help you reduce the amount of thinking for what you will need to consider. It will help you shape your thoughts and frame out your own direction and focus.

My plans never started like this originally. They actually started on a white board or in my note books which would eventually make their way into becoming a plan.  I talk about this in my book and the processes I would walk through in order to frame up an idea. These processes are what I have combined into making this project plan that you will now have the benefit to work from.

Within the plan, you will find the following:

  • Tasks, processes all linked to each other by level of effort;
  • Notes around the main sections providing you with helpful suggestions;
  • Templates attached to sections that you would require documents for.

Stay tuned for access to these plans.