The Book

Keep Moving 4WardI never thought I would write a book like this, but I always told myself that if I felt I had something of value to contribute to society, I would do it.

My book, Keep Moving 4Ward started on a camping trip with my family and in-laws. As we were sitting there enjoying each other’s’ company, I felt that I was ready to do it.  I decided that I could write a book that would be for the budding entrepreneurs who wanted to see what it took to become an entrepreneur and for those who have nothing, provide hope that anyone can achieve success. I would write the book about my struggles, my lessons learned and my passion in this field that changed my life. 

I remember when I first started writing the book, sitting on the dock, beside the lake I had so many thoughts pouring out of me. I filled over 100 pages for the book in less than 2 days. It was a great experience to be able to have clarity of thought and both the experiences and education to support my theories.  Anyone that knew me growing up would probably be quite surprised by this as I was never a great writer. In fact, I have a learning disability and I am not embarrassed to talk about it. To this day, my employees have coined my way or writing and speaking as “Brammar”. Brad and grammar come together. Since I have a great sense of humour, I embraced this. 

This is a story about my climb out of the dumpster to working with some of the largest companies around the world. It is about the building of many businesses in different industries, along with many failures and over the recent years, more successes.

Here are examples my chapter pages so that you can see more about what each chapter will be contain.

I will walk you through how a ‘nobody’ like me, from a small city in Canada was able to land contracts with organizations like The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Nickelodeon, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers into territories like Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and many others.

My story is not written as a tradition business book nor as a biography. It is a combination of both tied into stories, written to provide you with a simple, yet fun passionate look at what I did, why I did it and how it resulted in success.  I have personally never read many business books because I have found them to be boring and to be honest, unhelpful. Entrepreneurship is not only about just finance or Human Resources or Administration, it is combination of everything in business working together seamlessly and ever changing.