Professional Profile

Introduction-Image10My professional career only grew when I focused on Project Management as a discipline.  Over the course to my learning and growing within this industry, I became part of the Bank of Canada Planning Organization and Development management team where I managed 13 projects.  This experience then lead to the becoming of a Project Management Consultant, up to the VP of Project Management Training, a professor of Project Management training at Algonquin College, a Board of Director member for the Project Management Institute local chapter and eventually the President. Along the way, I also wrote and had published theories and articles in the Project Management Journal, the Globe and Mail, Canadian Society of Training and Development and the American Society of Training and Development.

Here are some pictures of me in a professional environment

Prior to founding my first successful company, I had already started to gain personal credibility in the project management field, but needed to advance my credibility as an entrepreneur and a businessman.  This would require much more than a project management discipline. I would have to transform my ideas into successful businesses and be able to start building relationships within the industry that I was going to target.

As I grew my first successful company, credibility came to me when I started landing contracts with organizations like The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Warner Brothers and others. It took time to build the business because my focus was on global opportunities and not just locally. I leveraged the local market to gain market opportunities in other countries because it would enable to us to tap into the economies of scale model that would have benefited all my distribution partners and clients.  In addition, I would focus on making sure the media knew about these successes. Over time, my professional credibility started to grow. I was asked to sit on multi-media design committees with local colleges, asked to speak at conferences and join leadership circles. My ideas were now being transformed into products being distributed around the world into stores like Toys R Us, Costco, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollarama, Shoppers Drug Mart, The Reject Stores, The Warehouse, 99 Cent Only and many more. I was the founder, President and CEO and people starting seeing me as such instead of the boy that grew up with no formal education. People stopped asking me for my resume and for my education.

By the time I created my next second successful company, I had already build a professional credibility and was able to leverage the opportunities much quicker. Now in a new industry, I focused on the same techniques for building credibility, applying the Project Management Disciple and was able to be published as an industry leader within the first year, regardless of having no prior experience in this industry. I knew how to leverage my strengths and tab into the strengths of others to realize my goals.  Within 18 months I sold the company for over seven digits.   

I have moved on to the development of a new company and in only 30 days, I have built the plans, created the website, created the product demos, lined up the investment partners, established industry credibility, tapped into trade shows all through leveraging previous successes. My successes are coming to me much easier because I know what needs to get done. My book From Dumpster Diving to Disney will show you how I am doing it.