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Not having much growing up, I always struggled with understanding where I fit in. Never having good school grades and only just getting by, I was someone who faded away in the background. Never got noticed, never volunteered to be the center of attention and never wanted to bring any attention to my limitations.  There was however a constant struggle within me that I knew I was destined for something more, yet my inadequacies led me to believe otherwise. In my early teens, when I learned out about entrepreneurs, through the magazine Entrepreneur, I realized that this is who I was.

My book will walk you through my transformation from a quiet introverted, under privileged, insecure teenager to a successful, outspoken, passionate entrepreneur that loves being the center of attention and sharing with anyone that is willing to listen to my story.

What is takes – Poem

Sometimes life is not easy
We must live in the days we are given
Doing our best to get by, head held high
While mistakes are made, being forgiven

We don’t choose how we begin
Led down a path of the unknown
With uncertainty, worries and fear
And experience being grown

An entrepreneur’s strength
Is sowed from what is held within
To improve, to change, to ignite
For a better world for us to live in

Understand what it takes
To foster, build and lead
From creator, to salesman, to CEO
Working to be all that you can be

With passion, drive and commitment
Thinking the future, working the present
Seeing what might not be visible
Yet still spending dollars and cents

A career within the unknown
Is where I choose to be
The chance to make a difference
Is the vision I foresee

Becoming stronger tomorrow
From the lessons of yesterday
Keep Moving 4ward
Each and every day

by Brad Loiselle

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