What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

Simply put, everything that has been built started from an idea and a person having the courage to build it. That is what Entrepreneurship is. An Entrepreneur is the person taking the risks to build out the idea.

It is important to note that by having an idea, it does not make someone an entrepreneur. Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing to do in the whole life-cycle of building a business. Being an entrepreneur means that you will move your idea(s) into reality.  Whether you succeed or fail, the fact that you have tried is what will make you an entrepreneur. You have to think of entrepreneurship as a career, not as self-employment. There is a stereotype that when someone says that they are an entrepreneur, it means they are unemployed.  When you start a business, you are self-employed, not unemployed. The difference is simple, Self-employed means you are working to create employment for you and possibly for others, while unemployment means you are not working at all. Being self-employed is not easy and puts a lot of pressure on the entrepreneur. Once they start building the company, they take on a lot of risks, pressures, responsibilities and uncertainties. Entrepreneurs are the people that have been able to change our world, provide opportunities where none had previously existed, yet are not as recognized as most other industries as the founders of all. Keep Moving 4Ward will help budding Entrepreneur move forward faster, more efficient and with confidence. 


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